The research program includes projects in the following areas of interest:

  • The air quality impacts of EV adoption
  • Implementation of PEV charging strategies on testbed
  • Improved network models for electric vehicles
  • Integrated multi-resolution network charging and pricing design
  • Information Exchange Between Independent System Operators, Aggregators, and PEVs to Procure Ancillary Services
  • Impact of PEV on Smart Grid Reliability, Resilience, Safety, and Efficiency
  • Dynamically Configurable & Dispersed Energy Storage: Effects on Power Markets
  • Use of PEV for Interfacing Renewable Energy Sources & Energy Security
  • Vehicle Purchase, Driver Behavior & Power Pricing: The Spatio-temporal Impacts
  • Information Systems: Interface Design & System Management
  • Air Quality Impacts & Management: Policy & Practice
  • Opportunities for Government Incentives & Public Infrastructure to Support PEV Utilization
  • Regulation of New & Existing Markets
  • Congestion Management & Charge-Station Siting