The Electric Vehicles: Transportation Electricity Convergence (EV-TEC) Center represents a joint effort by Texas A&M University, The University of Texas at Austin, the National Science Foundation, and numerous corporate and governmental agencies. EV-TEC actively seeks new corporate and university members.  Become a member.

EV-TEC takes a unique systemic approach to the study of methods leading the industry to viable automobile and fuel technologies that are sustainable, including the massive adoption of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), Battery Electric Vehicles, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, and other similar technologies. It considers the technical aspects of new technology deployment along with a variety of socio-economic, commercial, environmental, regulatory, planning and industrial factors, which need to be understood and carefully coordinated in order to maximize the opportunity for economic and social benefit brought about by these vehicles.

EV-TEC partner with key stakeholders in multiple sectors, including electricity markets, transmission, and distribution companies, retailers in the power industry, private transportation firms, vehicle manufacturers, and state, regional, and metropolitan level transportation agencies. The synergies derived from this interaction provides EV-TEC with a unique capability to generate feasible approaches to fully exploit the capabilities of new technologies. Further, the diversified educational and outreach program contributes to the development of new professionals with strong multidisciplinary interests and training. Finally, the broad range of topics and organizations encompassed by this Center guarantees its capability to grow and retain the interest of multiple diverse stakeholders.